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The Value Of Enemies

2011-12-04 23:46:31 by SoulMaster71

Ever since I've come into the world, I've been horrible at making friends, but very, very good at making enemies. Every time I enter a new community or social 'scene', especially online, I end up meeting someone who doesn't like me and whom I don't like. At least at first: I'd be lying if I didn't say that I eventually became somewhat friendlier with some of them, to the point that especially here on Newgrounds, the people I once considered my worst enemies proved to eventually be closer to me than a lot of my original friends. But before I could put the period of mutual distaste behind me, I had to step up.

Enemies, by their very nature, demand much more out of you than friends. Friends just ask that you're not too much of a dick to them, or that you have some interests in common with them, or mutual support and assistance depending on the situation. But enemies keep you on your toes. Enemies never let you let your guard down, lest they completely crush you. You must always be alert, and at the top of your game, if you hope to defeat a dangerous enemy. And as you keep striving your best against them, your best just gets better. As does theirs if they're taking it seriously, of course, but that just means you'll get even better. Case in point, my long-forgotten disagreements in my early Newgrounds days with the Kitty Krew and spammers in general, as represented against me mainly by LordZeebmork. I said and did things in November and December 2007 that, by February and March 2008, I'd progressed well away from being dumb enough to do, all because when I'd said and done those things before, such as comparing Internet trolls to Nazis, those on the other side made a point of revealing to me exactly how far out of proportion I was taking things. I like to think I ended up smarter about things than I went in... But if I did, it wasn't because of my friends.

I'll give you another example, this one not about me personally but about a Pokémon roleplaying chat in which I spend a lot of my time and from which come most of my excuses about not being on Newgrounds much anymore. My character at the time was Mewtwo. You know, clone of Mew, blew up the scientists who created him, was duped by Giovanni, blew up Giovanni's headquarters, planned to destroy the world but later turned into a good guy. There's some other stuff tacked on for the chat involving Mewtwo helping to protect the multiverse from evil, but that's largely superfluous for these purposes. The point is, my Mewtwo is a good guy despite minor anger management problems. His attempts to break the level of monotony that had settled into his life eventually led him to a subdimension centered around a fetish club, where he met the club founder and subdimensional founder, whom we'll call MA. Now, MA had a surprisingly familiar backstory: a genetically enhanced clone who killed his creators, joined Team Rocket, and later betrayed the Rockets. So you'd think he and Mewtwo would get along, right? Not so much. For you see, MA was evil. Not just 'general douchebag' evil, not 'conquer the multiverse' evil, MA was a flat-out Complete Monster if the multiverse had ever known one, if a bit on the Faux Affably Evil side. You wanna know how bad MA was? The story had a Vocaloid-related side-plot based around the Vocaloids being artificial humans marketed as domestic assistants and such. A generally decent, law-abiding man had two Vocaloid assistants: one Len Kagamine unit, and one Kaito unit. Then MA came along. He killed the man, turned the man's mansion into the fetish club subdimension, and began to physically and sexually assault the Vocaloids, ultimately resulting in both units ceasing to function... Only AFTER the Kaito unit had lost both arms. But MA's cruelty didn't end there. He ordered his then-mad scientist to repair, reactivate, and reprogram the Len unit as a rapebot. Consider it like this: being stuck inside your own mind, forced to watch your body do horrible things to people but unable to stop yourself or voice any protest. Luckily the Len unit got out to our hero Mewtwo, holding the deactivated and dismembered Kaito unit, and was rescued. Of course, Mewtwo isn't going to take this lightly, especially not after the Nimbasa Incident (go ahead sucker, ask me what that is) so he and MA became bitter enemies. Then something wonderful happened: the already nigh-godlike Mewtwo became even greater than he was, and set his life back on the proper track, and even eventually met the (humanoid, but let's not judge here) woman that he wanted to marry, all because he rose to fight MA.

More recently in the RP chat, I've developed a sort of OOC archnemesis... An individual who is intent on being everything I'm not, and using his status as such to constantly ruin my nights in the chatroom, prevent plot resolution, and get away with it. Make no mistake, I do not get along with this person. But the funny thing about that is, he's the only one who can make me write a wall of text. Some people are dedicated enough to write such long, detailed descriptions about their characters' actions or appearances, but I can only ever seem to muster that kind of emotion when pointing out how a certain individual bothers me. Perhaps I'm just more cut out to fanboy bitching and following complex, convoluted chains of continuity than to the roleplaying aspect of the chat... Or perhaps my current foe is simply pushing me upwards to greater levels of dedication and ability.

Many people focus on the importance of making friends, and believe me, I'd rather like some more of those. And don't mistake me for a hatemonger, since a lot of this applies as much to friendlier rivalries as to more bitter situations of dislike and opposition. But as with everything else, there's a balance, and fuck it I haven't done a news post in over a year so y'all got this.


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2012-01-10 09:40:24


SoulMaster71 responds:

So I see.


2012-01-12 16:29:49

Hmm gee, I wonder why it is that you make more enemies than friends. Maybe it's because you call furries "furags" and tell them to "yiff in hell", yet you don't know anything about them.

So in other words, if you want more friends, don't act like a douchebag to people who don't share the same similarities as you do. This doesn't only apply to furries, but to any other kind of people you meet.

SoulMaster71 responds:

Wait, when and where did I say that this time? I don't remember...


2012-01-27 12:11:28


SoulMaster71 responds:

I have not been relevant... Well, to be quite honest I was never relevant at all, but I've been beyond irrelevant since 2008. So I'm surprised that anyone actually remembers that I, at some point, existed.


2012-04-02 23:39:55

If i were the sort of person who would be so inclined, I would write about how this comes somewhat close to a certain concept in a certain webcomic that once crashed a certain site.

But I am not that sort of person, so I will not.

(Also I'm pretty sure there has to be sexual tension or some shit for that to apply, hence only *somewhat* close.)

SoulMaster71 responds:

Were you that sort of person, you would in fact bring this up just after a friend elsewhere on the Internet got me addicted to said webcomic, and whose references which so intrigued me to begin reading included references to said concept in the context of one of the rivalries mentioned in the post. A comparison which the other person and I rejected, causing my friend to step in and, with her mediating presence, switch the nature of the rivalry to another sort within the category of that concept. Therefore you would be only the second person to recognize the similarities between the rivalries described in this post and said concept in said webcomic.

But you're not that sort of person, so of course you will not.


2012-08-24 02:10:12

Hey mang it's been awhile :0 What's up?

SoulMaster71 responds:

The long-missing Soulmaster has for a long time wished to see his old friends again. He's been so far, fought foes so much less fun than any of his old rivals could ever be, and been dragged into the depths of drama. Yet... All of it has made him stronger. Ages of adversity contained in less than a year, but ultimately enough that he could achieve feats that, to many, would seem miraculous. However, unlike a shonen anime, the Soulmaster must still deal with his foes over the long term, instead of defeating them once and having them die forever.

I miss you and everyone else, man.


2013-10-31 22:17:40

Okay, I know I shouldn't ask this, but I'll bite. What was the Nimbasa Incident?

SoulMaster71 responds:

Ah, at long last, after nearly two years of waiting, the Soulmaster gets to explain this! It was March 5, 2011. I remember it specifically because it was the night before Pokémon Black and White were released. On that night, Deoxys, who in this story is Mewtwo's half-brother (Mew being their mutual mother), had just completed his masterwork, a ship called the Neo-Colossus. The size of a large city, it was capable of transforming into multiple forms. Ran on Spiral Power. Anyway, at the moment Deo finished, he got a sudden sense that something was horribly wrong with a girl he'd had a romantic subplot with, who had presented herself as a Rin Kagamine unit. Actually, "romantic subplot" might be saying a bit much: he'd had freaky alien tentacle sex with her in a bar in November, freaked out about it because she was 14 and in that continuity girls that young are only legal in Sinnoh, then she'd showed up on the Moon in late-ish February to meet him and he admitted his attraction to her, they did the deed again, and then she disappeared again. A week later, everyone was together at Cerulean Cave, and she appeared again, this time acting like she wanted to say something, but she was teleported away by a then-unknown external force before she could say it. Deoxys was worried, but he was building the Neo-Colossus! There was no time to worry about a girl! But once the mech/ship was completed, all the worry he was feeling hit him hard, and he couldn't think of anything to do other than to seek out and find this girl, especially because his psychic powers were telling him that shit was about to hit the fan, and hard. So he scanned for her with his mind until he ended up in Nimbasa City, in an alleyway, with two thugs holding her down and about to do... Some rather nasty things to her. You can probably guess. Anyway, did you know Attack-forme Deoxys has more Attack, Special Attack, and Speed than God? I'll give you a chance to go look up Arceus' and Deoxys' base stats, to educate yourself about why he could do as he did. You see, unlike the once-dark Mewtwo, my portrayal of Deoxys was always as a benevolent figure... But that didn't extend to those hurting the people he cared about. The two thugs were disintegrated, and Deoxys helped "Rin" up. She complained to him of a man, Rufus, who'd kidnapped her brother Len (obviously NOT the same Len as the one MA had), and was making her sell her body so that he won't hurt Len. Now, the DNAlien Deoxys can put up with a lot of things. He can put up with thieves. He can put up with murderers, under certain circumstances. He can put up with mad scientists. He can put up with artificial half-human half-deities threatening to flood the planet. He can put up with multiversal conquerors. But this? This is something up with which he will not put. He followed "Rin" to Rufus' hideout... Where all they found was a recorded message inviting Deoxys to Small Court for a showdown, and Len's deactivated, dismembered, broken body.

Deo was PISSED. He left Genesect with "Rin" and the destroyed Len, and teleported to Small Court, calling the Neo-Colossus to appear above the city. And there, Rufus Finch appeared, bearing a rather close resemblance to another Rufus, Rufus Shinra from Final Fantasy VII. Rufus was standing there in the middle of the court, and Deoxys appeared just as the Neo-Colossus arrived over Nimbasa. There, Rufus spelled out his challenge: defeat him in a game of basketball. If Deo won, Rufus would surrender. But if Rufus won, Deo would hand over the Neo-Colossus. Now, Deo's not a stupid man, but he's also not above bargaining away huge advantages to protect someone he cares for. Then Rufus revealed his trump card: HE wouldn't play. Deoxys would have to slam and jam against shadow copies of the five playable characters of Barkley, Shut Up And Jam: Gaiden. Luckily, our hero had a trick of his own up his sleeve: using a power source called Chaos Power, he created temporary duplicates of the main leaders of his organization, and as a team he and the Chaos duplicates defeated the BSUAJG shadows.

While all this was happening, "Rin" escaped from Genesect and teleported to the Neo-Colossus. Still holding Len's body, which had the limbs reattached but was still broken and dead, she beat up the Neo-Colossus security crew and made her way to the bridge, where Deoxys' partner, an Alakazam named Dr. Walter Mathias Johnson, was waiting. And at that moment, she took off the wig and popped out the colored contacts to reveal that she wasn't Rin Kagamine, but a black-haired, red-eyed girl named Jessica Finch who had been floating around the saga for a few weeks. And there, she surrendered to Dr. Johnson, because she couldn't stand working for her father Rufus another moment, not after what he did to her adoptive brother, not after what he nearly had done to her. Dr. Johnson realized that Rufus had left a little surprise in Jessica, a bomb that he could explode if she disobeyed, so he deactivated that, and finished deactivating it mere seconds before Rufus pressed the button to try to detonate it. Rufus was taken in by Deoxys on multiple charges, seemingly losing his mind completely after the explosion didn't happen, not like much of his mind was there before.

Deoxys went to confront Jessica in the brig on the Neo-Colossus, and she revealed how much she knew, but never for a moment let go of Len's hand. Now, I'm not going to say Deoxys was letting his tentacles do the thinking at this point: certainly Jessica's sexual prowess and adventurousness had some effect on his decision here, but more important were Jessica's abilities as a fighter and as a manipulator. Biolgically 16, and the girl was already skilled in the ninja arts. And the girl was clearly smart too. There was almost certainly an element, too, of pity and compassion: this girl's father had turned crazy, murdered her brother, and seriously abused her, all to try to get to something Deo had, so the least he could do was to take her into his life and give her everything. He would begin by giving her brother new life... But even beyond that. He offered to make her his wife, an offer she accepted. And hand in tentacle they walked to a castle hidden in White Forest where Deoxys had been staying, their story not ending there, but instead beginning. I call it the "pilot episode" for a reason, after all: it was the day "my" story, the tale that's been my life's work and gone through so many versions that I can't even remember them all, became a fully separate plot from the Pokémon RP that surrounded it, completing the work that had begun when yaoi soap opera elements began to take over the chat and that repelled me. Its move out into MA's domain, a different Pokémon RP chat, didn't happen until later, but my plot proceeded to integrate itself with things there quite well, at least after the Vocaloid incident.

Anyway, the important point is, someone so close to Deoxys as Mewtwo is wouldn't put up with the rape, dismemberment, and murder of Vocaloids. He wasn't in Nimbasa, but his brother was, and he was present for the fallout, including the execution of Rufus.


2013-11-21 02:12:22

lol you still exist

SoulMaster71 responds:

More or less. Not as much as I used to, though that's likely a good thing for everyone else here because they don't have to put up with my bitching, moaning, crusading, and general idiotic behavior.


2013-11-22 22:49:28

We all gotta move on, the old newgrounds days are done and it's time to deal with life. How is life for you?

(don't mind me I'm rolling my ass off ritnoa so i like to talk)

SoulMaster71 responds:

What is this "life" you speak of? I dropped out of college when I ran out of money to go, I'm currently unemployed and have been for the last year, and my schedule has become nearly entirely nocturnal. My entire social life now happens over IRC. I stopped arguing with spammers on Newgrounds and found a way to be an even more pathetic loser. You?


2013-11-26 15:42:23

.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"

send this GUN to everyone you care about including me if you care. C how many times you get this, if you get a 13 your A TRUE HOMIE

SoulMaster71 responds:

Uh-huh... Unfortunately, I'm too white for that. I'm so white that the only way you can see me in a snowstorm is if I wear dark clothing. I could go naked to a KKK rally wearing a white party hat, and they'd compliment me on how clean my robes were.


2014-01-19 03:08:54

Hey! Get out of your sad ass state and LIVE LIFE NI GGGUUUAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Don't settle for less, go for the best!

SoulMaster71 responds:

Maybe it is time. Toonami's been back for over a year and a half, hasn't it? The Hobbit's been made into movies, two of the three of which have already been released. Zelda games are still awesome. Touhou forced its way back into my life, which is actually pretty awesome. And I no longer feel any desire to watch WWE. So why shouldn't I step back up to the plate? You've got a point there, man.