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Rage Blog 1: YouTube

2008-12-30 19:41:24 by SoulMaster71

Ok, I'm going to try something new here. Near the end of every month, I'm going to take this blog and use it to explain something that really pisses me off, something that gets me madder than mad, something that makes me want to go out and kill a metric fuckton of people just to get it the fuck off of my mind. This month's topic is YouTube

Now, I know what you're thinking. "LOL YouTube's so funneh y wood u haet it?" At least, that's what you're thinking if you're a 13-year-old kid who probably should be in a special ed classroom. The fact is, YouTube is an abyss, a pit of garbage as far as the eye can see, with little or nothing of any cultural, intellectual, or (at the very fucking least) entertainment value hidden in there. Most of the most videos there are shitty video logs, shitty AMVs, shitty overhyped music videos that one can watch anytime on MTV or BET, or a bunch of idiot kids doing retarded shit and posting it to have all their dumbass friends point and laugh.

Of course, this in and of itself wouldn't be a problem, if it were allowed for people to break the fucking mold once in a while. Hell, there are a million sites of pure garbage on the Internet, and only a very few of them really piss me off. But then again, most of those sites have an occasional moment of something truly glorious, or at least OK, as a break in the shit. But on YouTube, it seems, doing that is enough to get your account suspended. What did rennakiduki do to get suspended? Or aabbccabccccc? All they did was submit videos from Niconico Douga (a Japanese video site with content about 10,000,000,000 times more interesting than your average YouTube garbage). They were two of my three subscriptions, too. Now every day I wait for the third to be suspended too, and with him some of my favorite videos on all that site.

And then I come to NG, and see spammers complaining about Wade's actions. Wade! He has nothing on YouTube admins as far as sucking ass. Wade only deletes for stolen RCPs or Daily awards. YouTube doesn't even have a rule against stealing stuff, at least not an enforced one, but it suspended these likely-innocent users just the same for not giving into a shitty culture, and instead uploading entertaining videos from Niconico Douga.

tl;dr: YouTube pisses me the fuck off, and I feel the Internet would be better off if it weren't for that site of trash.

Rage Blog 1: YouTube


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2008-12-30 22:07:54

Sometimes I can't help but agree.
There are far to many spam vids around, and I'll never even see 1/1,000,000th of them.

I'll keep tabs on this, looking forward to hearing you rage some more.

SoulMaster71 responds:

Yeah, some people (previously me) complain about NG being spammy, but YouTube is thousands of times spammier, and anything that isn't spam is censored. Fuck, they might as well call it SpamTube.


2008-12-31 23:01:24

I agree YouTube sucks sometimes a video on my favorites had the music changed because of copyright claim bullshit. I hate how YouTube has become so fusy lately I agree about the unfair suspensions.

SoulMaster71 responds:

You've had favorite videos changed, but NG does that too (see V-Tech Rampage). I've lost a quarter of my favorite videos to their shit. I've lost two of the three authors I subscribed to. Can anyone here but a spammer or spam fan say that? And that only because of the high overlap between spammers and alt abusers.


2008-12-31 23:12:45

And, they have a policy against allowing people to make new accounts once they suspend one.

Personally, I'm down to my last account; once that's gone, I'll never be able to log in again.

(Updated ) SoulMaster71 responds:

Wasn't it you who said that YT was "a pioneer of the Web 2.0 movement" and that you could "submit things on YouTube and DA that would get you deleted here"? I remember someone saying that in the WTF Kitty Krew thread early in the year.

Yes it was you.
At 3/9/08 01:23 AM, Suaron wrote:
I'm just saying it doesn't detact from the creative power of the users. YouTube is a pioneer of the Web 2.0 movement after all,
NG does suck. YouTube and Deviantart are much better. I can submit flashes there that would get me deleted here. Plus, they aren't managed by jerks.

WTF Kitty Krew, page 31. I quoted and replied to it, so the words weren't deleted when your account was.


2009-01-01 17:16:44

You're right, Youtube bites swolen dick.

SoulMaster71 responds:

I'm glad you agree.


2009-01-05 17:19:00 /477323

I don't think the Duck Division likes you.

What you do to piss them off?

SoulMaster71 responds:

I have no idea what I did... They probably think I'm a kiss-ass for Wade or something.


2009-01-08 14:52:44

fucen syhtty jewtube strikes again!!!

SoulMaster71 responds:

Yes, YouTube is fucking shitty.


2009-01-10 19:21:48

Ahh...YouTube you have failed me yet again.

: I've lost all faith..

SoulMaster71 responds:

YouTube is one of the very few things in the world that I've lost faith in. It fails to deliver anything good, yet if you're looking for stupidity it delivers in spades.


2009-01-10 20:31:19

I agree with you there. Youtube just sucks. It used to be a decent sites, but there are loads of restrictions now. There are only a few decent videos on there, and they're not even worth going back to.

SoulMaster71 responds:

Yeah... I almost find myself wishing I had seen it before it got big, before Google bought it. Back then, it probably wouldn't have suspended accounts just for standing out.


2009-01-10 21:48:44

Youtube was created as a way to see the sum of human video creation and editing creativity.

I too am disappointed with the result.

SoulMaster71 responds:

I had already figured out the stupidity of most attention whores and children by the time I became fully aware of how shitty YouTube was, so it's not so much disappointment, but I don't like the way the admins/Google run it. They lack three things essential to running a good website: a spine, testicles, and a brain.


2009-01-11 03:00:38

indeed, very true


2009-01-12 22:23:26

RAGE! Huuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I am well aware of the "suckage" that is Youtube. But, there is the possibility of the site making you laugh. Though it's obvious this is more a discussion of the ocean of shite you could find in less than 10 seconds compared to the puddle of actually entertaining stuff.

It's so unfortunate that kids even as young as 8 that I've seen have gained access to a Youtube account and a video camera making a compilation of their funniest faces they can make. But it's not so much the people who made the videos, but the others you can see in the comments. Nobody can spell or knows what a comma or period is. You can easily prove them wrong, and they'll spam your PM inbox about how mad they are at you. And their behavior has actually made me better at handling little kids in real life.

Not to mention the guys who have a lot of subscribers are complete retards who use the same humor and less creativity with everything they do.

I have subscribed to some people because some of their videos have made me laugh. Some of them are no longer funny or do much at all anymore, but I'm far too lazy to go and unsubscribe. I can give examples of good videos, though most are video game related (figures). Some actually required talent and creativity to make if they weren't simple comedies.

I really can't say more on this matter because there is nothing to say. I'm not defending Youtube, I'm defending the name of those who barely deserve defending.


SoulMaster71 responds:

Yeah, it is true that there's a certain right to be how you want to be. And some people do laugh at things I consider impossibly stupid and unfunny. It's not so much the stupidity of YouTube that I'm pissed about, though (if it were stupidity of a userbase that made me RAGE, Newgrounds would probably irk me quite a bit, and I'd be flat-out against 4chan); it's the way strict conformity to stupidity is enforced by YouTube's staff, who suspend any account that submits anything but shit, or so it seems from my experience.

And yeah, I've seen my share of video game parodies there. That's what I spent most of my time watching before I came to NG.


2009-01-13 22:43:54

Rather, It's their stupidity that's always bothered me. Though if Newgrounds had a user base ten times its size and the new people would bring the general age down to eleven or so, I wouldn't assume we'd be much better except for knowing what flash is and having more cock jokes and innuendos.

I haven't experienced much of people getting their account deleted. I use to talk to this other guy who uploaded walkthroughs and little comedies of certain games, but somehow he got deleted one day. Luckily he still had his movie files and made another account and uploaded most of what he had before. Something I hadn't seen must have broken the apparent "rules".

In fact, I don't remember seeing any rules or guidelines even with submitting content. And the people who run Youtube are like ghosts who don't do much but sponsor videos by people with bajillions of subscribers. At least we know who Tom is and can even hear what he has to say and PM him if we needed to. Not only that, but there's the whole NG Staff that are here and have their own accounts and personalities if you knew them.

Take JohhnyUtah for example. Sure he's a funny guy with a perfect voice for his movies like Tankmen, but he's actually an asshole after hearing some of the things he'll say.

One last thing, with the Shape craze on NEwgrounds similar to the "_________'s Newgrounds" craze last year, somebody started a collab and I made a part: 9/74162_Shapes_collab_Gustavos.php


2009-01-15 15:27:24

One other thing to add: the copyrights. Taking out music from random videos isn't going to do a damn thing. It's been nothing but shit ever since Google took over them. I can understand stealing materials, but most authors give direct credit to the artist of said song. It is really fucking retarded and if this keeps going on YouTube will lose most of it's content and users. I was fine with YT up until this point. Never again. Hell, my account is suspended for comitting SUCH A MORTAL SIN. Fuck them and their gay-ass rules.


2009-01-15 16:50:51

Youtube poop still puts happy sauce on my sammich everyday.


2009-01-18 13:45:31

but it still provides 25% of peoples entertainment..
how many can seriously touch a pc without youtubing it


2009-01-19 22:05:37

Its happend with Warner Music taking out videos. Its sucks come on Youtube don't give in to these money hungry companies.


2009-01-20 16:41:44

Pretty shitty rant.

SoulMaster71 responds:

Yeah, I know. I try to control my rage even when expressing it.


2009-02-01 16:57:29

What an idiot. Youtube is a hundred times better than Newgrounds. You put yourself in a minority when you say you hate it.

SoulMaster71 responds:

Maybe I do put myself in a minority, but I still say YouTube sucks donkey dick. Also, lmfao at the idea of YouTube being good at all, much less "a hundred times better than Newgrounds".